Monday, 10 October 2016

How To Get Rid Of Junk Mail

Is your mailbox running over, full of stuff you don't want? Junk mail wastes tremendous amounts of paper, piles up on your table, wastes your time, and competes for your attention. Fortunately, with a small investment of time, you can stop the flow at its source. Soon, your inbox will be free of clutter, allowing you more efficient browsing.

Stopping Unwanted Mailers

1. Write to the mail preference service (US) or the Mailing preference service (UK). These do-not-mail lists are maintained by the major marketing associations that distribute the major mailing lists, but they do work. The US mail preference service will charge you one dollar ($1) to add your name to their opt-out list by mail, but it is free using their online form. In the UK, it's free of charge.

2. Avoid placing your address on surveys, raffles, and product warranty cards. If you do write your address or phone number, write alongside it something like, "Please do not sell or distribute my information, nor add to mailing lists." It's generally not necessary to send in warranty cards or "register" a warranty for the warranty to be valid, regardless of what the card may imply.

3. Ask individual senders to remove you from their lists. Some items are sent in such bulk that they go to every resident on a postal route. These are addressed to "Resident," "Our Friends At," or some variant. Your postal carrier cannot, by law, determine what you consider "junk mail". All "resident" mail must be delivered as addressed. You must contact individual mailers to have your address removed from their database. Look around on mailers for return addresses and phone numbers. Here are quick links to some common ones.

4. Request your name be eliminated from the county tax database. Many companies target specific areas based on neighborhood subdivisions or home values. By making your information confidential in the county and state databases you may eliminate quite a bit of junk mail.

5. Remind companies you do business with of your mailing and privacy preferences. If you do business with a company via mail services, it will put you on its contact list. So the first time you make a transaction (such as placing an order) with that company, ask to be put on its "in-house suppress" or "do not promote" lists. Tell the company not to "rent" or share your name with other companies.

Stop Mail Addressed To Someone Else

1. Keep your address current. If you've moved recently, the mail can take a while to catch up with you. Make sure you call the USPS or fill out the online form to keep your address current.
Often, changing your address will reenlist you in various solicitation mailers you've previously opted out of. You may have to re-do them if you start getting mailers you've canceled.
You should not receive mail if the mail or the accompanying card is not addressed to you, but some bulk sales circulars may continue arriving on "auto-pilot" after you have canceled them. Remind your letter carrier politely that this matter is not addressed to you.
2. Return to sender. If you are getting first class mail for a former resident, you can write Return to Sender/Not at this address on the envelope and drop that envelope back in the mailbox.

3. Report deaths to the credit reporting agencies to avoid possible identity theft.Mail a copy of the death certificate to each of them:
Equifax P.O. Box 105069 Atlanta, GA 30348
Experian P.O. Box 9530 Allen, TX 75013
TransUnion P.O. Box 6790 Fullerton, CA 92634
4. Report deaths to the Direct Marketing Association (in the U.S.). This will halt the flow of most junk mail to someone who is deceased. Use the Deceased Do Not Contact Form. Follow the instructions through the entire process, and be certain to verify the registration after you receive the email.

USPS hold mail

Spam mail

USPS address change

USPS tracking number

USPS office hours


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